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So let’s play out a hypothetical.

So let’s play out a hypothetical.

There’s terms and agreements

This chaw chew chode

Sticking in my black hole

A mouthy banana so big

It just looks like entropy station

The ball rolling around

And the gaped out whore we call Alberta

My dick is really craving some white red hick

With huge popping titties

And all the Neanderthals

Often looked towards this tribes

My Viking heritage to conquer

I still believe we were gracious to you

And I can’t get that through to the men

Who settlement is forgiven

Why should I say

I owe you twenty two forty four

The low on my list

From all of last year.

Inflation makes my cider cost

Like an entire dollar more

It’s change could condition

And just to spend

Means impregnating them.

I love you deary deary dolls

I’m mearly after the tresequay

Or what I call princess

So I can head all your belongings

And insure them for millions

That’s not really what we’re looking for

My judas, my son,

If you shoot me in the face with your grandaddy’s shotgun.

I’ll have you arrested from scratching my balls.



I’m a mere supporter of the courts

But in our best fore-sight

We finally got a fucking week off

From the interrogations

And getting through

Is like hot blue glue on a potatoe.

It just didn’t seem right

Ever since I saw the drizzley goo

I’m coming after you.


My second piece is about subculture

My second piece is about subculture
Children destined to obtain the world
People who at all costs try and stop
The magnificence of sharing goods and services

It’s mostly about asian food and liquor for me.
If we didn’t have the hops to send you
The malt barley shrimp pops.
I mainly subsist on pork.
When my vision the other day was reaching for me to have
Black circles of beef
The little prostitute of schools
Stood there amidst me,
And queeeeefed
Like a really snakey virus chain
Thanks for your vagina.
Thanks my great ape ancestors.
If you want, I’ll pay you to love
And if you find
That which is divine…
I’ll pay you fairly to be mine.
En ricci
I assumed in spirit.
“I forgot about that guy”
like day to day
this season
and the next sprung forth
a new confidence of being subdued.
I thank you, the world
For your goods.
Show me the money?
I haven’t spent today yet
And the pipelines
And the suicide bombers
And the need to just trickle there stone cold for a while
Our winter has passed
This the average day of sun
I couldn’t understand these women’s lack
Or general sense of direction.
I study the sun daily
And it’s now in the south 23 ½ degrees
Don’t mess with the planets
For if you feel them ground to you
You might capture and capsulate
The entire universe

My love, my life, my Christ

My love, my life, my Christ

I went and stayed in a hotel once.
They gave me carpenter’s discount
Cuz I was wearing my tool belt
Full of drugs
And I went across the road
And played pool with some natives
And the building inbetween was having a
Porkrib special.
When I got back
Opened the bible
Realized it was similar to my adventure
Like despicable to eat that much swine
All I had was pretzels
I left town during deer season
With a cast on
Cuz I fell off a ladder.
I helped my mom move
With that cast on
So I did sissy drawer moves,
Instead of full bulky furnature.
I still feel like no one cares
Except, dare she,
My mother.
But whatever.
Little prissy girls think I’m perverted and gross
But they have off and on
Lust for cocknballs
So whatever
To that is
You cannot live with me, I exclaimed
But yes, still,
And pregnant
Despite the amazing .30 second fest.
I love eating your meat, good woman
Can you still even
Touch your feet?

It’s not about backwards
As much as full circle
Guarded jewels

Hold me closer tiny dancer

Hold me closer tiny dancer
Don’t take that bullshit from me
Or I’ll knock you down in the hallway.
Which hardly seemed so fitting
As a deficient wasn’t purely asking
For a swift kick to the testicles
I’m sorry, my carharts ripped into my left testicle
And when the little girls watched me stand up
They saw the strain of my genitals
Like the cloth wasn’t made for abnormals
Just more like a tight ass yoga pants workout
And I still couldn’t understand
Nor rely on the fact,
That women who didn’t accept the angel fuck
Would rather get stared down by feces
The men going to work out
Tossing the bitch out
Or giving some head-salad
Christ, I didn’t diminish out
Straight seven inches of heaven
Hitting the circuit
Eclipsing the players
Men who made me money
So I bonused the entire envy
The club or the degree
More like the stance of disobedient
I’m sorry, my women
I cannot have enough.
The babies keep on coming
And my favorite thai girl
Went to jail for camming
And all the nudity nor pornography
Was at a standstill
When the jury was shown
Most high’s preference
My sad little children
Why do you bicker and cane
Those who seem your betterment?
Those who try and work for the bettering of you
I’m trying to say something wise
And your sense of neglect of me
Was more like the past half century
The right to get guys off in massive ceremony

The basic theory

The basic theory
to prove I have pornstar like genitals.
And the energy levels
To keep cumming
No matter what enemy
Taking down those hurting
The ones who didn’t cede to me
And ask for forgiveness
I cannot help but kill those
Who cannot wish to be well-seen
It’s not my priority to fuck your face off
If you keep calling me a freak
I swear on the high hell stone wall
My bullshit sensation
Will or might automatically
Break both your legs
And don’t think the ghost won’t
Don’t fucking think for a second
That I don’t
Put people to shame for an unwarranted insult
You’re the little fuck with six parents
And your cunt mom wanted the gang bang.
I accept your apology now,
What, did you read on and discover?
I have faults and flaws
But there isn’t one fucking microsecond
That I don’t turn to my righteous power
To make you sad for me, somehow
Like fuck, I’m sorry new Christ
I was just fucked up in the head by what
My friends led me to believe.
Do you even believe I actually have any friends?
Who the fuck would ever dare come here.
I command you to not, and stop
You in your tracks
I prefer the lonely hearing
Of people who need so much love,
As to change their precious minds.
And what I mean by that
Is to oppose.
You might, in your traits and talents
But it makes me weak to think
You’ve got nothing better to do
Than reinstate or subdue
The issue or order of learning curve.

I’ve been on the theme

I’ve been on the theme
Medical marijuana
It’s either the alleviation
Or astringencies of the states
The more risperdone I take
The more side effects of super tension
I need of meds
When I had contacts for buying
All over Duluth
We used to go down
Almost every weekend.
The rich pricks from Hermantown
Willing to spend my allowance.
I most approved for my eyesight.

After college days
A 20 dollar Mexican schwag ounce
And a peanut butter fruit roll up
High all the time
Top of the world
To come home to family
And see it burned and gone

Little bits and pieces people helped
But to be the mainstay
Having counted last and next stock
I knew what to do when
Random bud buys from I don’t know when.
The sad fact of criminality
And my good standing with the state;
There was a faith in me,
Like I’d be something more,
Then Chippewa falls
Praying for kids
In an entrapment stage.

My fathers and mothers
With death and dying
I pray your last days
Are as high as heaven
The kids who partied without purpose
And my mission: assignment.
I just think,
I deserve work weed.
So my back doesn’t break
Like my sternum cracks daily, my depression.

The fall of glaskow

The fall of glaskow

Mission improvements

If you’re going there, take two halfway

Drop one off and place the other

So gently as to not awaken the gods nor babes

I guess it’s that time when

I should do further research

Into my own dilemma

God I feel like shit some days

But all of us do

And I’d just rather take my drugs

And sleep for three more hours

The plight of addictions

The appointed medications

If we survive on bud for 40 thousand years

It makes more sense to designer drug the rest of us.

Feel it In your slippers

Take off your scuba gear

Walk along the watchtower

I’m assuming you’re the guard unit

Defining my hypersensitivity

And acute hearing

My little soldiers all standing and addressing

Some nights aren’t like that

Some days I wish I could curtail


A new and improved me

Like the butter jar wagon of yesteryear

We lie awake as doves in the flux


I am not a member of anything

But the unit whose surfactants

Bled out those whose inability was self appointed

I’m not with you; know more

I am one with the heavens

So that I could bring you bliss

Little children to watch through retirement

I guess that’s how it’s supposed to go

But you dare enter the southern hemisphere

From year to year?

I’d fly like a wounded goose

Sounding better every whistle

The rape wasn’t much to mention anymore

Cuz I’d come down their throats

Sooner to end the breeding of ants

Aids, the apocalypse.

Rock me gently

Rock me gently

Rock me slowly

Take it easy, don’t you know


And a kid in the peanut gallery proclaims:


Yeh, duh. Meh.




SO the excitement of today is brought to you by


Little white pieces of glass for eyes

And the lips of earthworms

The goddess of ringworm


Let’s spread our wings through your sheets

If you don’t know what they look like

You’ve never taken apart your poop.

With. Your. Tongue.


I’m just kidding.

These are serious problems for some people of the world.

Hey, you’re the one who wanted to adopt.

You just bought yourself 7 rounds of Chlamydia.

Your dick should be a flaming red color,

Not sunshine yellow.

If you have any of the above symptoms,

Just tell your nurse in 3 weeks

So she does absolutely nothing.

I’m afraid to contract

Anything serious this week.

But if you saw mornings programming

It’s about a girl who rides her pony

And black-eyed, black-out

Wont remember till she orgasm again.

And yeah, I AM the pony.









Sorry hun, it’s what we most cherished MOST of each other.

I admire your graciousness

I admire your graciousness

How kind you can be with words

Instead the cheap compliments

Fell like a chaingun rail of lead


If I slow down my remorse

Piteousness for the earth

There’s not really a spot for me

Picked out, but under the apple tree


Lying there, here with me

Is nobody


But when I put my words onto and into screen

It’s mostly about the green.


And all the damnations of those conservatives

I seriously question their values

And the new cops schooling

Wasn’t insistent enough on diminishing radicalism


You will take no action against me sir.

It is adviseable you not challenge me here.

If you do want your moment in court with me

I can automatically define my innocence

With quantum computers.

Our minds are

But you wouldn’t dare let me enhance

Every day of my life is saddened

By the fact I couldn’t be high enough

To settle down and wages

War is profitable

Only when goods of earth giveth


Your children I am part of

Yet you simply resist.

Tell your grandkids you were the cause

The reason the highest notion was feared.

“KURT, why the fuck do you play so many bad guys?!?!”

To prove to you that they are not bad.

And nor am i.

Just a druggist at heart

Hoping for a slight rise in the day

When the sun settles down

This one not that different

But yet somehow futuristic and proven.