My old camera from my mother.

My old camera from my mother.

I think to sell you in a garage sales

Thinking about all the pics I took of volleyball,

Zero interaction with fans,

Just another fly on the wall.

Somewhere out there,

There’s a girl

Wishing to be my dark smear

All over facet

Faucet and fauna falls hard this month

To fly along the boundary

This town and next.

What the fuck, comma, great over?

I guess shit’s fucked up in denmark again

This world treaty pisses me off every time

If you guys weren’t so fucking conceited about your…

Makeshift plans with me

Yeah, guys, it’s my doody.




Insane insemination for them,

More cost for produce for me than ever.

Thanks for the summary.

You enacted the slaughterhorse

Impregnation ritual,

And somehow, the country was stable.

I only fucked those with big enough holes for my



what’s it worth?


I’ll give you 800 pennies

On a slot machine,

If you blow me six times

Between the bad beats.

I’m fucking soully jerking off

Just to the thought of your drums

And if anybody elses’s semen

Wants to dance,

I’ll toss around fleeting


Back to the mother tribe,

My ondaga divide

Lord love and heaven,

They thank me for my fearless attitude


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