Just talked to my little sister. Tai chi after work.

Just talked to my little sister. Tai chi after work.

I got home from sushi, zen house, Hermantown.

I said yeah, that’s what cloquet needs, a smoke shop and a sushi barn.

I laugh about all the dead baby sea animals.

The octopus is really purple this time.

Just like jayla’s vagina.

Her husband thinks queef is spelt queif.

Like he’s fucking French or something.

My older sis has two boys and a husband.

They’re getting a house built this summer.

Already cut some trees for the driveway.

My dad has like 5 cord to split. Maybe 7 or 8.

I’ll probably feel less aggravated and anxious than last summer

Hopefully it’s cooler, without a flood AND a drought.




I GOT A thousand dollar credit card.

For emergencies

And my credit score was 708

Banking, online is now wells fargo app.

Try to hack and hack and hack jack, hack.

Does pomegranate lemon sound good to you?

It’s way better than the period blood expired straight pom taint was like.

Maybe I never really let on about my dealings.

This is a brief on today’s changes.

For me personally, I still wish I could smoke

Vacuum bags upright

Time for another keg stand.

May day, 05/01 mom’s birthday 5/2

Mothers day 5/12

My birthday 5/20

Dad’s birthday is 6/16

Probably more Canadian fishing for dah…

I’ll might be aware

Of the film I set up

Memorial day weekend

And a smoldering stank bomb

Hooking up and paying for ac


I can’t afford a vacuum…

Maybe if I stone swallow

And buy new more beer

The cases on sale are cheapest

When they don’t or aren’t cantilevering

Hovering the minor stretch end out to seemingless nowhere.












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