Because the greatest love of all

Because the greatest love of all

Is happening to me – eee.

Like I just busted a nut after pulling out a 38” waist

That’s what love is to you?

Mines sipping on tea with 11 cats in the box.

Or a crank vile file

Ripping up the new lawn

With a john deere green


Do you like it when people say

“I digress”

I’m not even sure what it means

But they got off topic

Like they were Regressing

No, I’m just guessing.


How about some solid evidence?

I take sleeping pills.

I’ve said it a million times.

People look around and wonder

What’s happening to this bright kids’ mind?

Control alt delete

Like I don’t as much give a fuck

And I slept today till five

After waking up twice to take my anti-psychotics.

The “psychotic” things I used to do are dirty shitters.

Only 36” though

The fat girl boned up

Like my dick is ¾ as hard as it used to be

But I don’t really test it on anyone

Besides me.


Let’s pay for mags that are good twice

Instead of investing in friendships

And just play shit head games on the internet.

No. it was for a higher purpose

The calling of a dove

Killed for being productive.

I guess the nothing I would have done all morning

Went into dream state

Usually vibrant

But still somehow numb.

To the feeling

And domination of little women

Seemed like what I was going for

And the dumb cunt out her building, WOULD NOT: shut the fuck up.


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