You’re not even a man anymore, you’re a total lover. *choke*

You’re not even a man anymore, you’re a total lover. *choke*

In a complacent

Lack of will or attitude

Neither willing

Nor unafraid


Morning for India

12 hours behind

the catchup

to keepup

naw, fuck you guys.

And I meant that literally,

But more gender friendly

I’d rather fuck the girls.

Blah blah blop

This fat bitch getting high

With the perfume coverup

Take some hits of my cock

In the dirtyass closet.

Then you’re set

With the reject

Last day to redeem any stamps

Was probably yesterday.

What with the whatever

I do not care about your listing

Profile potential

God, what COULD you have given me?

You were writing cunts at light speed

Then I said I’m going to get grocieries

For 75 cents a can

It’s actually worth ingesting

For the .005 gram of protein

The whirlwind that I’m in

Seems glowing and flickering

My mind that creates delusion

Was set in stone as the correction

What little value we have for obedience.

It’s just commonplace

And the preggers girl walking out of the liquor store

Said she’d probably could have stayed in the car

Like my least favorite,

Last 10 leper babies

With cleft lips

And shins that don’t move

In any recorded or imagined direction.

Thank you and good night

I’m queefing corn like lips

Little bitch kids

These punks I admire

But not for their style

How bout some suited nightmare

With a more absurd mother

Just going to statutory rape school

It was about our finances

Just go to vegas

With the money I gave you.

It was in good faith

But if it’s the trannies you’re into

I’m not about to pay double

Unless you let me fuck your ass freely

For the rest of eternity.

I’m just kidding.

Once would be enough

To impregnate your sixth sister

But she prefers the butch name

Degenerate charles the first

The name meant good man

And withdrawing either

Guns or money on me

Usually led to paternity

Cases I don’t have a solution for

But they stand out like a evaluation

To set the stage

As it’s figurehead

Random devices

And the court case

To set precedence.

That is all that I meant.


You owe me like 3 blowjobs

For the car parts

You stole from me.

Dicking off when it comes to cars

Is like a triple threat to humanity

JD – juvenile delinquent

Most of what we are

Is just like the opposite of me

At that age.

Christ, could I ghost fuck your mom again?

Sturdy, I’m still horny,


DEAREST, alpha omega oiler.


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