Yeah, but that’s not all I do.

Yeah, but that’s not all I do.

I take a hard angle

Against the grain, usually

To seek the radicals.

I’m center based

But to the ends of each side of the table

I see the myriad of christs disciples

And If I ever get 12 at a fire

Or rollie 12 joints

I name them slowly,

Peter, pecker, pickle dick eater.

See, that’s just SOOO jesusy.


Some find my offensive

Like it gives them instant aneyurism


What a shitty fucking word

For the best way to kill someone.

I used to use it in every sentence to the doctor.


So I had my own blowout stroke

And I know damn well bud would make me a better soldier

At least not depressed from the lack of love of bud

And these fat bitches at college cant be trusted.

Well, maybe.

I guess I’ll be fat by next year

But I just want to clean out my fucking arteries.


I used to be so mediated between nicotine and thc

Like taking the gains of each on the high road.

Now I’m just fucking burning out on showers

And the shit-ass placement of my window in the west

Another 88 degree summer.

I assume the ac will work better,

Cuz I finally quit being a hypocrite,

And cleaned the fucking filter.


One last statutory glance.

Babies, if you need my peepee

Pp pepe

To feel better.

I made a. powerpoint

About the weird ways of loving kids

Without your naked dick out

Ma, you better have gotten me some clothes

So I can show when they ask politely for help.


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