Theres quite a difference between people who know me

ImageTheres quite a difference between people who know me

But so much I am is impossible to them

Even most early women

In the start of a relationship

When you weigh the possibilities

I guess it probably sounded to good to be true

When those repenting said

God, I love you too.

And I, being one

Thought long and hard about what to say today

But it was mostly my sense of rejection

As to why in my seat, I write

For only those who hear me always

Some children thought icky

And I haven’t eaten

None but plum wine

And bubbly for us both

You me and all.

I pray on this st patty’s day

We can all be remembered as not so strange neighbors

My fan still echoes the voices of my children

All sappy and soapy and warm.

It’s a shitty chilly out

That I didn’t realize till the half mile to the shack.

Little seems worth that track.

But the nicotine I require

Leaves old, stack and black.

Crackerbarrel jack.

Sirens making me puke

Back at the pace won


His little piece of obi.


One such of mine

Invented the light saber

And this girl kept trying to show

Blowing up balloons

Is a test of her suckle strength

And how I bow down to those

On knees.

I love you, my child wives.

I see so many making testwaters

And sacrament

Sacking the ferment

Bloody again till next one

My babys’ rack.


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