The fall of glaskow

The fall of glaskow

Mission improvements

If you’re going there, take two halfway

Drop one off and place the other

So gently as to not awaken the gods nor babes

I guess it’s that time when

I should do further research

Into my own dilemma

God I feel like shit some days

But all of us do

And I’d just rather take my drugs

And sleep for three more hours

The plight of addictions

The appointed medications

If we survive on bud for 40 thousand years

It makes more sense to designer drug the rest of us.

Feel it In your slippers

Take off your scuba gear

Walk along the watchtower

I’m assuming you’re the guard unit

Defining my hypersensitivity

And acute hearing

My little soldiers all standing and addressing

Some nights aren’t like that

Some days I wish I could curtail


A new and improved me

Like the butter jar wagon of yesteryear

We lie awake as doves in the flux


I am not a member of anything

But the unit whose surfactants

Bled out those whose inability was self appointed

I’m not with you; know more

I am one with the heavens

So that I could bring you bliss

Little children to watch through retirement

I guess that’s how it’s supposed to go

But you dare enter the southern hemisphere

From year to year?

I’d fly like a wounded goose

Sounding better every whistle

The rape wasn’t much to mention anymore

Cuz I’d come down their throats

Sooner to end the breeding of ants

Aids, the apocalypse.


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