The basic theory

The basic theory
to prove I have pornstar like genitals.
And the energy levels
To keep cumming
No matter what enemy
Taking down those hurting
The ones who didn’t cede to me
And ask for forgiveness
I cannot help but kill those
Who cannot wish to be well-seen
It’s not my priority to fuck your face off
If you keep calling me a freak
I swear on the high hell stone wall
My bullshit sensation
Will or might automatically
Break both your legs
And don’t think the ghost won’t
Don’t fucking think for a second
That I don’t
Put people to shame for an unwarranted insult
You’re the little fuck with six parents
And your cunt mom wanted the gang bang.
I accept your apology now,
What, did you read on and discover?
I have faults and flaws
But there isn’t one fucking microsecond
That I don’t turn to my righteous power
To make you sad for me, somehow
Like fuck, I’m sorry new Christ
I was just fucked up in the head by what
My friends led me to believe.
Do you even believe I actually have any friends?
Who the fuck would ever dare come here.
I command you to not, and stop
You in your tracks
I prefer the lonely hearing
Of people who need so much love,
As to change their precious minds.
And what I mean by that
Is to oppose.
You might, in your traits and talents
But it makes me weak to think
You’ve got nothing better to do
Than reinstate or subdue
The issue or order of learning curve.


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