Take another little piece of my heart, now baby

ImageTake another little piece of my heart, now baby

I toasted you, said we may be through, but you’ll never hear me complain


Thoughts on our world…

From what I gather from kerry

And hagel

Is not the black ops

Special interests

You might consider mine.

My interests.

Well, if for some reason, other than being godly

To all the women of the world

An approximate third who are mine

And the ones who thought possible

To come to my narrow region

Which I begged them to come.

Our housing market didn’t slump

But the Duluth cleanup crew

Can’t even handle all the season’s march

Donny says we’re broke, foo.

What more could you invest in

Other than your striking bodies?

If you think camming is absurd,

I made those pages so…

Just don’t be afraid to show off a little skin

For the Italians know

How to earn a monthly check

Rather than just subsist off my inventions and talent.

Please get friends and a following

Love the internet for what I’ve done.

And my precious children who seek and know me

By heart or mental energy

The highest angels cry

That I subdue and hush the crowd

But please try not to annoy

I hear my kids hear me

And the response with a salute

Daddy played baby jesus

In His youth,

But I’m more a miscarriage now.

Tobacco self pleasure

The lowly hearth of wrath

I cannot extend my anger

But to the leagues of men

Who have not stood down

They frantic and flock


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