So let’s play out a hypothetical.

So let’s play out a hypothetical.

There’s terms and agreements

This chaw chew chode

Sticking in my black hole

A mouthy banana so big

It just looks like entropy station

The ball rolling around

And the gaped out whore we call Alberta

My dick is really craving some white red hick

With huge popping titties

And all the Neanderthals

Often looked towards this tribes

My Viking heritage to conquer

I still believe we were gracious to you

And I can’t get that through to the men

Who settlement is forgiven

Why should I say

I owe you twenty two forty four

The low on my list

From all of last year.

Inflation makes my cider cost

Like an entire dollar more

It’s change could condition

And just to spend

Means impregnating them.

I love you deary deary dolls

I’m mearly after the tresequay

Or what I call princess

So I can head all your belongings

And insure them for millions

That’s not really what we’re looking for

My judas, my son,

If you shoot me in the face with your grandaddy’s shotgun.

I’ll have you arrested from scratching my balls.



I’m a mere supporter of the courts

But in our best fore-sight

We finally got a fucking week off

From the interrogations

And getting through

Is like hot blue glue on a potatoe.

It just didn’t seem right

Ever since I saw the drizzley goo

I’m coming after you.



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