My second piece is about subculture

My second piece is about subculture
Children destined to obtain the world
People who at all costs try and stop
The magnificence of sharing goods and services

It’s mostly about asian food and liquor for me.
If we didn’t have the hops to send you
The malt barley shrimp pops.
I mainly subsist on pork.
When my vision the other day was reaching for me to have
Black circles of beef
The little prostitute of schools
Stood there amidst me,
And queeeeefed
Like a really snakey virus chain
Thanks for your vagina.
Thanks my great ape ancestors.
If you want, I’ll pay you to love
And if you find
That which is divine…
I’ll pay you fairly to be mine.
En ricci
I assumed in spirit.
“I forgot about that guy”
like day to day
this season
and the next sprung forth
a new confidence of being subdued.
I thank you, the world
For your goods.
Show me the money?
I haven’t spent today yet
And the pipelines
And the suicide bombers
And the need to just trickle there stone cold for a while
Our winter has passed
This the average day of sun
I couldn’t understand these women’s lack
Or general sense of direction.
I study the sun daily
And it’s now in the south 23 ½ degrees
Don’t mess with the planets
For if you feel them ground to you
You might capture and capsulate
The entire universe


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