My love, my life, my Christ

My love, my life, my Christ

I went and stayed in a hotel once.
They gave me carpenter’s discount
Cuz I was wearing my tool belt
Full of drugs
And I went across the road
And played pool with some natives
And the building inbetween was having a
Porkrib special.
When I got back
Opened the bible
Realized it was similar to my adventure
Like despicable to eat that much swine
All I had was pretzels
I left town during deer season
With a cast on
Cuz I fell off a ladder.
I helped my mom move
With that cast on
So I did sissy drawer moves,
Instead of full bulky furnature.
I still feel like no one cares
Except, dare she,
My mother.
But whatever.
Little prissy girls think I’m perverted and gross
But they have off and on
Lust for cocknballs
So whatever
To that is
You cannot live with me, I exclaimed
But yes, still,
And pregnant
Despite the amazing .30 second fest.
I love eating your meat, good woman
Can you still even
Touch your feet?

It’s not about backwards
As much as full circle
Guarded jewels


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