My current tendencies

My current tendencies

Wake up around 10,

Take my meds

Wake up around 12:30

Take my meds

Wake up around 4

Drive to Cromwell

For Red Seal Long cut

(it doesn’t ruin my cheeks and gums)

Play school of magic 3

Burn 150 energy

Collect money

Check the recently posted pics on

If it’s new, I post on their profile

Read like 47 bits of twitter

If it pisses me off enough

(usually the intelligence quotient is nearly negative)

Try the last 40 minutes of facebook in 20 seconds

I have a need for speed. But I sleep 16 hours a day

If I try and remember my dreams

The unconscious makes me plan and discover

A new day.

I don’t’ know to whom I post these to

But I’m a lazy fuck on disability

Due to the superhuman traits I have

And trying to act normal

Just isn’t in my nature.

My drastically immense testicles

Make me want to rage kill all evil

And make a baby every 30 seconds

I say mostly, I stand for women’s rights

But my sisters rarely call or text

It’s just my mother on Sundays

If she isn’t sandwiching all of the irish.

My dad thinks my outworldly

That which I usually don’t tell anybody

But the network heads wanted to show my priority

They deemed it the most important

For the king of the world highest chief

The basic understanding was

An angel of such godliness

And I’m not trying to exaggerate

But it’s difficult to grasp

When they’re stone solid and don’t need to see me flash

I’m sorry dad,

Some of the extreme is true, that which didn’t need exaggeration.


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