I’ve been on the theme

I’ve been on the theme
Medical marijuana
It’s either the alleviation
Or astringencies of the states
The more risperdone I take
The more side effects of super tension
I need of meds
When I had contacts for buying
All over Duluth
We used to go down
Almost every weekend.
The rich pricks from Hermantown
Willing to spend my allowance.
I most approved for my eyesight.

After college days
A 20 dollar Mexican schwag ounce
And a peanut butter fruit roll up
High all the time
Top of the world
To come home to family
And see it burned and gone

Little bits and pieces people helped
But to be the mainstay
Having counted last and next stock
I knew what to do when
Random bud buys from I don’t know when.
The sad fact of criminality
And my good standing with the state;
There was a faith in me,
Like I’d be something more,
Then Chippewa falls
Praying for kids
In an entrapment stage.

My fathers and mothers
With death and dying
I pray your last days
Are as high as heaven
The kids who partied without purpose
And my mission: assignment.
I just think,
I deserve work weed.
So my back doesn’t break
Like my sternum cracks daily, my depression.


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