Is this the bachelor or the bachelorette?

Is this the bachelor or the bachelorette?

How many fucking self centered people

Do I have to kiss?

I used to be scared of tv

Cuz I’d show up like a huge naked prick.

And if there’s a lag or delay in the live

It might as well have been mine.


My main issue with people

Is my sex.

So instead of finding one

I just fuck whoever’s presenting

The ass up in the air begging

The lords’ service is fair.


Don’t tell me you didn’t like me

I know you’d go both ways

On the subject of fucking

Is my doritoes gingivitis breath


Earthy like your vagina

How many times you shed?

It’s like the old goat

Stuck in prison for wankerbacking

Or all the queers shipped to new Zealand


That’s my number two.

The shit corn floater in the toilet

And she on my premise

I made her into a weakened weekend third


Don’t try too hard, honey

I know it’ll all look like

Your spaced face case

I am the finale.


I’m letting my mom  decide which ones face I will come on.

This is like the last weekend at Rutgers

And all the fucking ass I could ever have

I’m just too conceited

I need to pressure children


Will you birth me some little faggot

Who ends our last great kingsman lineage?




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