If there was a time I could describe…

If there was a time I could describe…

My easy chair hunting system is borderline removal due to my sister planning a house.

Neither want easements

Up the trail of baby ash trees I cut with my first chainsaw.

A present from mom. Craftsman

I upgraded and had a verbal agreement with the neighbor.

Some new guy put up like 15 trespassing signs.

Sucks to be him.


Minor things shifted

No real certainty of new land.

28×28 shack on the back of dad’s

it’s like seeing what’s out there

makes us appreciate what we already got

and instead of just standing in the middle of forest,

we ventured out to see carlton county.

South east of my mom’s

Trying to avoid the rez and all implications with dealing with tribes


I see no fault of mine

But fear yours

And the judgement of you upon me is false.


And if you disagree

The courts would tell you

How reason and logic play with metaphors, here.


I serve the courts.

Somebody can’t solicit me.


Little boys in whitehoods


Getting punched in the face 8 times.

What news we gather has prolific reactions

And us as from animals

The howler monkey

About my family

Subduction of description of them

Besides date a-l.


My alibi is my camera

But with my boots

And furry crocs

Fuzzy wuzzy was a fuzzy wuzzy

Not so sleek now, WAS HE?!?!



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