I had a teacher who used attempted ignorance embarrassment

I had a teacher who used attempted ignorance embarrassment

To try and kick the back row out of class

And I think her admission was something like

The fucking statistic of back row kids.

It was statistics, and we had different numbers on a group assignment

So how the fuck could we even know which one of us

Was the impossibly right, and wrote it on the board.

Don’t you think a college level professor would just say it straight up?

She was so obviously discriminating

Her own perfect classroom, was her vision.

Like, I guess you didn’t understand me at all,

Or support her immorally.

I don’t need your shitty slum job.

I live and shit in one daily.


This aids to my clinical depression

People say “get happy”

By getting drunk

When all it depresses me more

That there’s no fucking ganja store

The most I know how to do

Is love on the scale of infinity

And I heard your remarks

Don’t welcome me back folks

It’s all just your own corruption

That leads you down the road of cancer

Yeah, they all thought of you

As that dirty bitch

Who couldn’t even mind her cunt mouth


And dear president sir

I would think my expressed concern

Would lead you to a unsummized belief

Maybe you were in on it

Maybe you guys support the intention

So blatantly

And to my face upheaval.

I can no longer support

With the billions of earnings I have to put

To make it all fair

For the start and end of the trail.

I guess my 100 credits


(I’m trying out for growroom college)

like any princessy bitch in this place

would see to it and HAVE me.


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