I admire your graciousness

I admire your graciousness

How kind you can be with words

Instead the cheap compliments

Fell like a chaingun rail of lead


If I slow down my remorse

Piteousness for the earth

There’s not really a spot for me

Picked out, but under the apple tree


Lying there, here with me

Is nobody


But when I put my words onto and into screen

It’s mostly about the green.


And all the damnations of those conservatives

I seriously question their values

And the new cops schooling

Wasn’t insistent enough on diminishing radicalism


You will take no action against me sir.

It is adviseable you not challenge me here.

If you do want your moment in court with me

I can automatically define my innocence

With quantum computers.

Our minds are

But you wouldn’t dare let me enhance

Every day of my life is saddened

By the fact I couldn’t be high enough

To settle down and wages

War is profitable

Only when goods of earth giveth


Your children I am part of

Yet you simply resist.

Tell your grandkids you were the cause

The reason the highest notion was feared.

“KURT, why the fuck do you play so many bad guys?!?!”

To prove to you that they are not bad.

And nor am i.

Just a druggist at heart

Hoping for a slight rise in the day

When the sun settles down

This one not that different

But yet somehow futuristic and proven.


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