Hold me closer tiny dancer

Hold me closer tiny dancer
Don’t take that bullshit from me
Or I’ll knock you down in the hallway.
Which hardly seemed so fitting
As a deficient wasn’t purely asking
For a swift kick to the testicles
I’m sorry, my carharts ripped into my left testicle
And when the little girls watched me stand up
They saw the strain of my genitals
Like the cloth wasn’t made for abnormals
Just more like a tight ass yoga pants workout
And I still couldn’t understand
Nor rely on the fact,
That women who didn’t accept the angel fuck
Would rather get stared down by feces
The men going to work out
Tossing the bitch out
Or giving some head-salad
Christ, I didn’t diminish out
Straight seven inches of heaven
Hitting the circuit
Eclipsing the players
Men who made me money
So I bonused the entire envy
The club or the degree
More like the stance of disobedient
I’m sorry, my women
I cannot have enough.
The babies keep on coming
And my favorite thai girl
Went to jail for camming
And all the nudity nor pornography
Was at a standstill
When the jury was shown
Most high’s preference
My sad little children
Why do you bicker and cane
Those who seem your betterment?
Those who try and work for the bettering of you
I’m trying to say something wise
And your sense of neglect of me
Was more like the past half century
The right to get guys off in massive ceremony


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