Dreams I have yet to conquer

Dreams I have yet to conquer

People sexiest people

Time man of the year

I’m behind every wall and closet

I’m in every stone

And yet the forgiveness policy

And making my entropy public

Was an impossible task.

My three-star yearned

Asked me for more

Make it sparkles, unicorn

Do it damn up to the sky

Give them every reason

To hate this fucking fag

Then win over their hearts

With the plague that they race’


I feel no sense of  urgency

But what 14 year old would understand

I’m merely your teacher

And in coitus I’d command

I can’t break the gate,

I can’t not hear you beg

So lovingly a childhood.

Don’t screw with me,

Till I’m dead.


I’d rather see a concubine

Living up to her name

If only morgan and magdaline

Would eat some of my raw vein


I’m asking you for pestilence

When you just sit down for a few hours,

Kurt, I can tell you’re typing

Is this the new book?


My children just got used to

The omnipresence of me

Either I’m there with in brains

Or if you eat another three oranges

I’ll cover you regardless in

My flesh that makes flesh

The eating all other sperm

Spermicidal sperm.



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